What is F.A.C.T

Farm Anaemia Certification & Training

F.A.C.T is a program which offers pig farmers all over the world, help to identify the facts concerning the anaemia/iron status of their herd. A central element in the program is the herd level measurement of hemoglobin.

At Uniferon we have developed 23 F.A.C.T sheets. Each one of them contains valuable information about Best Practice in the herd with focus on iron and iron treatment.

What you will get:

  • Access to relevant information, trouble shooting and expert discussions based on best practice knowledge from Iron Experts
  • A  comprehensive insight into the herd´s iron/anaemia status and a best practice protocol at point of care

How to get acces to all the knowledge
Below you will find all 23 F.A.C.T sheets.To download a F.A.C.T sheet click on the item you need more information about and it will download.


Iron Care




Disease Management


Practical Aspects