Give your piglets a head start

Uniferon® 200 mg/ml from Pharmacosmos is a ready-to-use iron supplement for piglets that promotes better health and faster growth.

Pharmacosmos works closely with pig breeders, veterinarians and partners around the world to incorporate best practice solutions into our treatments - and Uniferon is a simple way to realize higher production yields and higher profits. Here's why:

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Uniferon® is a strongly bound iron complex manufactured without the use of organic solvents or cyanide, avoiding trace residues of these components

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Uniferon® is the only injectable iron for piglets approved by the medical authorities in Europe, Asia and by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US

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Uniferon® is research-proven to boost haemoglobin levels and average daily gain

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Uniferon® contains high quality iron dextran that is completely absorbed by the piglet

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Uniferon® has a good safety profile and is manufactured to the same standards as those required for human medicine

With approval in Europe, Asia and North America (including FDA approval in the United States), you are assured a product that adheres to the highest standards of quality, safety and efficacy. Global approval also lets you standardize your use of Uniferon across geographic borders and take advantage of economies of scale.

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