About Uniferon

Uniferon is a quality iron supplementation
promoting better health and faster growth

Faster growth

Give your piglets the iron they need
to grow fast and healthy from day 1

Save time and money

Simple and fast administration
saves you time and money

Effective treatment

Health in just one dose
A full 200 of mg iron in each 1 ml injection

Quality iron for your piglets

Uniferon is an iron supplement for piglets that promotes better health and faster growth. With a full 200 mg of iron in each 1 ml injection, Uniferon will help keep your piglets healthy, reduce the risk of iron deficiency anemia, and support a faster growth rate right up to slaughter - and it does this all with just one dose.

Uniferon from Pharmacosmos is also simple and fast to administer, so it will save you time and money.

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