Save time and money

Fast, convenient administration saves you time and money

With just one dose per piglet, Uniferon 200 mg/ml is fast and simple to administer to your entire herd. A supplement that offers you value for money, Uniferon is:

  • A ready-to-use formula - Uniferon 200 mg/ml comes with an automatic syringe that makes treating your herd quick - and easy. With 200 doses in each 200ml vial, you can treat 200 piglets without changing the vial.
  • Approved for use on day 1 to 3 after birth - Uniferon 200 mg/ml can easily be combined with other initial treatments to save you time.
  • Long-lasting - Uniferon has a shelf-life of three years. And each bottle comes with a rubber stopper, so you can re-seal the vials and then re-use the contents up to 28 days after opening.
  • Unbreakable - Uniferon polyethylene vials are unbreakable, so they save your business money. Our durable vials mean no lost medicine, and zero risk of harming your stock by injecting them with harmful glass particles.

Learn why Uniferon, an effective, natural supplement, is trusted around the world.