Faster growth

Boost the health of your piglets – and your business

Uniferon 200 mg/ml helps keep your business as healthy as your piglets through:

  • Proven results and higher yields - trials show that piglets given Uniferon gain an average of 258 g a day1). Faster overall weight gain and a higher weight after weaning mean higher production yields and profits.
  • Eliminating iron deficiency anaemia - sow's milk alone can't meet the iron demands of a piglet, but an injection of Uniferon ensures your piglets will attain hemoglobin levels well above the recommended baseline of 90 g/l9) - so they will stay healthy and anaemia-free.
  • One ml dose - Uniferon provides 200 mg iron dextran, so you get less leakage and more value in one injection.
  • A high quality product - Pharmacosmos is the only iron supplement supplier that is responsible for production from start to finish, so we can guarantee that every vial and every treatment is manufactured to the same high quality.

Find out how Uniferon can save you time and money