Effective treatment

Give your piglets the benefits of iron in a supplement you can trust

Every piglet needs additional iron to grow and be healthy. And Uniferon 200 mg/ml has a well-documented safety profile that ensures your piglets get all the iron they need. Approved by the FDA, Uniferon is free of cyanide, so it's an effective, high quality treatment. But that's not all. Uniferon also brings you:

  • Safe administration - our non-breakable polyethylene vials ensure fast and safe administration. The collapsible vials allow you to administer each dose quickly without worrying about drawing air. And they are lightweight, so you can work fast - and rest assured that there is no risk of glass particles being injected to your piglets.
  • Human-grade quality - Uniferon is manufactured to the same standards required for human medicines - so you know you are giving your piglets a safe product with high efficacy.
  • All natural ingredients - the carbohydrate in Uniferon is a natural ingredient, so it's well-tolerated and fully-absorbed. And our manufacturing process does not involve cyanide.

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